Ubuntu vs Debian OS

Ubuntu, Debian, two giants face each other and fueling the debate. Both distributions are similar but also very different, announce prefer one or the other can cause endless debates. Ubuntu is somehow the “daughter” of Debian but it gradually moves away, how does it differ from its predecessor? It is not forbidden to ask the question of whether the student has surpassed the master, so here are some answers.

Before each battle, it is customary to present the opponents. You probably know but we must always think of new kids and then it does not eat bread. So let’s go !Continue reading

Have you installed Linux operating system in your computer? Are you wondering about the best possible way to install various unique applications in Linux in order to manage various important tasks of daily life in a convenient way? The it will certainly be wise for you to gain valuable information on How To Install Softwares Using Command Line In Linux in a smart way. Go through the steps that are discussed below and thereby install necessary software as per your requirements. eg.Continue reading